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Natural, organic, biodynamic

Unlike mass produced wines, author’s wines come from an extremely strict winemaking approach. The use of synthetic products such as pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers is prohibited. In the cellar, industrial yeasts, excessive sulphiting, sugar addition (chaptalization) and all other oenological correctors are banned. All in order to respect the typicality of the terroir, the vintage and the nature.

Behind each vintage we propose, is a committed craftsman; the winemaker. We also like to term ‘’author’’ because each wine is a unique creation. The art of the table, is also this. 

All author’s wine takes its roots in the terroir. The winemaker is, first of all, a nature lover with a desire to create from it. Through his knowledge, his know-how and his intention, the winemaker gently accompanied his vine to the cellar so that once bottled, it delivers the most authentic expression of the terroir he built. Like the author, the craftsman is revealed through his works, one bottle at a time. 

The natural winemaker is a bit of a rebel, he doesn’t try to fit in or to limit himself to the appellation rules or even the style one might want to impose. He creates according to his feelings, his desires, his tastes even with his moods. He creates according to the vintage and often, according to what is happening in his own life. He seeks to stand out and create his own style, he doesn’t try to be original, he wants us to be discover him.

Beyond their little rebel side, the winemakers/authors produce wines with strong personality, living wines that leave no one indifferent! We can love it or not, but we never stay without an opinion! It is, therefore, up to us, ambassadors and amateurs, to accept them as they are and to appreciate them from one vintage to the other.

For us, each bottle is a treasure, an emotion to feel.

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Born from passion

We are Julie Audette and Valériane Paré, owners & founders of Le Vin dans les Voiles. Our company flourished from our friendship that unites us and our infinite passion for wine, gastronomy and from all actors: the winemakers, the terroirs that touches us, the power of nature, the magic of traveling, sommeliers, restaurants, chefs and their limitless creativity and above all, human relationships that woven around wine. We invite you to discover us, one bottle at a time! 

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