We are a team


 Our inspiration

We are inspired by the unconditional love our winemakers have for nature and terroir, by these human relationships that shape our passion for wine and people and by the friendships that bind us within our team, our clients and partners.

 Our vision

To make natural wines and their winemakers shine and raise public awareness of the benefits of good and healthy drinking. 

Our mission

Unlike the mass-produced, industrialized wines of so-called “conventional” agriculture, natural wines are made to respect both nature and humans. These wines are lively, authentic and represent the terroir they come from.

We are committed to bring you real wines, free from synthetic products, such as pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers. In the cellar, industrial yeasts, excessive sulphiting, sugar addition or all other oenological correctors are banned.

We solely endorse natural types of agricultures, organic, biodynamic and permaculture.

Our expertise

Our commitment

Promoting and contributing to the recognition of natural wines by restaurants, sommeliers, companies, institutions and amateurs.

To create appreciation and raise awareness to the qualities of these wines by participating or creating artistic, charitable, gastronomic, cultural events or by educating in the form of conferences, workshops, tastings or any other approaches that achieve this objective.

Contributing to the success, influence and well-being of these authentic winemakers and act as their ambassadors in Quebec and all over the world.

To humbly share the joy that comes from these encounters and to share our love and passion one bottle at a time.

We help sommeliers and restaurant owners find the perfect wines for their wine list when we meet for tastings. We also provide training for their service staff so that they can understand the wines and can easily pass on information to their customers. We also offer private tastings at home for individuals or at their workplace. We are excellent partners when it comes to providing you with delicious wines for special events, launch parties, celebrations, anniversaries, team building activities or benefits. See our detailed offer in the Groups section of our website.

In the media

"Julie et Valériane font partie intégrante du cercle des sommelières qui donnent le ton sur ce qui se boira en 2017, créent les modes et vos envies et font de Montréal une ville où il fait bon boire, et certainement une des destinations vin les plus intéressantes en Amérique du Nord. Elles donnent soif."

Emily Campeau, Urbania, avril 2017

"Elles ramènent des souvenirs fantastiques et des histoires qui donnent encore plus de caractère aux vins. Lorsqu’on déguste un vin du Vin dans les Voiles, en plus d’être plaisant en bouche, on peut connaître toute l’histoire de ses créateurs."
Sara Larin, Les Petites Manies, novembre 2016

"Ces deux femmes dynamiques que sont Julie et Valériane m’impressionnent. Vous les reconnaîtrez lors des événements, elles ont des springs dans le derrière et le sourire accroché aux oreilles."

L'Apprentie Sommelière, avril 2016

At Montreal's YUL Eat, food experts teach their tricks of the trade,The Gazette, August 27th, 2017

Le vin, une industrie en plein changement, Radio Canada, 3 août 2018

La grande fête du vin naturel, La Presse, 6 octobre 2018




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